About Us

The University Gaucher Research Foundation, Inc., one of the organizations that helps to support the University Regional Gaucher Treatment Center, was formed for the purpose of supporting the clinical investigation of Gaucher Disease and related genetic disorders. Much remains to be learned about the natural history and response to treatment of Gaucher disease. The Foundation aims to provide support for data accrual and entry into an international Gaucher database, to subsidize investigational clinical testing for patients lacking alternative financial support, to sponsor professional and patient educational programs and symposia about Gaucher Disease, and to increase public awareness of Gaucher Disease and related diseases.

The University Regional Gaucher and Fabry Disease Treatment Center was organized for the purpose of offering multi-disciplinary expertise in the diagnosis, assessment, monitoring, and treatment of patients of all ages with Gaucher or Fabry Disease. The Center subscribes to the diagnostic, assessment and monitoring guidelines of the International Cooperative Gaucher Group. The Center also offers on-site facilities for the radiological and magnetic resonance imaging studies that are so important in evaluating patients with Gaucher or Fabry Disease. The Center has full facilities for the safe and comfortable administration of enzyme replacement therapy for appropriate patients. However, knowing how variable Gaucher or Fabry Disease can be, the Center sees itself as a resource for all patients with Gaucher or Fabry Disease. The Center is committed to providing a plan of care designed to address the needs of each individual patient and maximize his/her quality of life.