Beverly Robinson, R.N.
My name is Beverly Robinson. I am a Certified Oncology Nurse. I have been working with Dr. Weinreb for 11 years, and I was with him when the first Gaucher patient was treated in Florida more than 10 years ago. I am responsible for mixing and administering the Cerezyme enzyme treatment. I also do all of the record entries at our site for the Gaucher Registry and for the Gaucher Bone Study. 

We have many patients with Gaucher Disease, and I have the privilege of helping to treat all of them. The patients are all very dear to me. We share stories (good and bad), and I feel that not only do I teach and counsel, but I learn from every patient as well. 

Out of the office, I enjoy my garden and soaking up the sun (with sunblock, of course!). I am the mother of 3 adult sons. I love Yorkshire terriers and have two, Rascal and Rambo, who share my home and life with me.

You can contact me through this site. Id love to hear from you.